Salento Tours

Salento Tours

A wonderful way to get to know Colombia and its coffee culture is to spend one day of your stay at Lumbre visiting and staying the day in Salento, looking at every corner, enjoying coffee in the most typical places and eating a delicious desert in the main square of town while you see the local people walk by.

In our hotel, we want you to submerge in this place’s culture. That is why we give all our guests a special map designed by our team with the best advices to spend the day by yourself getting to know Salento at your own pace. In this map you, will find suggestions of where to eat, where to have a drink, what streets to walk and what stores to visit so you can do your personal shopping. You will get to know the Calle Real, the Mirador del Alto de las Cruces (Crosses Top Viewpoint), the Cathedral and much more.

If you want to make this tour, let us know when you get to Lumbre.

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