Restaurant & Bar

Restaurant & Bar

Our commitment is to provide a personalized service to all of our guests in order to make this a unique and environmentally friendly experience. Therefore, we do not have a restaurant open to the public (it is private to our guests). At Lumbre we believe in Sustainable Tourism as an action for change, that is why our menu is made with local ingredients and natural preparations by our kitchen team. This is also why it is a light food menu and 70% plant-based.

When you book with us, you will receive a form in which you can tell us if you have dietary restrictions or a special diet so that our work team takes it into account to offer you different options in our menu.

If, at the end of the day, you want to relax and enjoy a beer or a local cocktail with delicious Colombian fruits and regional ingredients, you can do so at our bar, where you will enjoy a warm atmosphere and a spectacular view.

As our commitment is to be in harmony with the environment, the bar is open until 9:00 pm so we do not interfere with the natural cycles of the flora and fauna that surround us.