One of the services we enjoy the most in Lumbre is a Pic-Nic in the Cocora Valley. Our Pic-Nic area has all the comfort of our hotel and it’s surrounded by the incredible landscape of the place. You can have a Pic-nic in the morning to have a brunch or to enjoy the afternoon with a selection of different kinds of cheese and delicious wine.

In Lumbre we have a menu specially designed to enjoy the pin-nic experience. Each menu comes in a typical basket with a classic cloth of white and red squares and a unique atmosphere.

Contact us if you want to make a Pic-nic for a special celebration like birthdays, anniversaries or whatever you can think of. You don’t need prior reservation for this service unless you have a special request. You can always request the Pic-nic menu at the reception and enjoy it at any time.


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